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Fifty Jobs of the Future for Teens who like Organising


For teenagers trying to identify a career path that is a good fit for them, they first need to start with knowing themselves better. This includes talents, strengths, skills, values and passions. 

When you identify and invest in talents they become strengths. When you have a career that uses your strengths, you are naturally more fulfilled, impactful and successful. 

In this series we identify 34 natural talents that teens might have, and how they might be a good fit for careers of the future.

What is the Arranger Orientation? 

The Arranger strength encompasses two key aspects: organization and adaptability. Individuals with the Arranger theme possess a natural ability to arrange people, tasks, and resources in the most efficient and effective manner. They thrive in complex environments and can identify the most productive way to bring different pieces together to achieve desired outcomes. Furthermore, their flexibility allows them to adjust plans and strategies as needed, capitalizing on emerging opportunities and navigating unexpected challenges.

Do you, or your teenager have an Arranger Orientation? Clues to look for. 

While the full development of one's strengths often takes time, teenagers can begin to recognize their potential. Here are a few signs that may indicate the presence of the Arranger strength:

  1. Natural Organization Skills: If you find yourself naturally inclined towards organizing your physical space, creating systems, and finding efficient ways to manage tasks and responsibilities, it could be a sign of the Arranger strength. You may have an innate ability to create order and structure amidst chaos.
  2. Strategic Thinking: Arrangers possess a knack for seeing the big picture while also understanding the intricate details. If you enjoy analyzing complex situations, breaking them down into manageable components, and devising strategic plans to optimize outcomes, it may be an indicator of the Arranger strength.
  3. Comfortable with Change: Arrangers exhibit adaptability and a willingness to embrace change. If you find yourself thriving in dynamic environments where plans often shift, and you can quickly adjust and reorganize resources to accommodate new circumstances, you may have the inherent flexibility associated with the Arranger strength.
  4. Resource Optimization: Arrangers have a natural talent for identifying the strengths and capabilities of individuals and resources, and aligning them in a way that maximizes productivity. If you find yourself instinctively recognizing the talents of others and delegating tasks accordingly, as well as finding innovative ways to make the most of available resources, it could be a sign of the Arranger strength.

Fifty Jobs of the Future for Arrangers:

Here are a few potential career paths that could be rewarding for individuals with the Achiever orientation:

Project Manager: Arrangers excel in project management roles, where they can leverage their organizational skills to coordinate and optimize various resources, including people, time, and budgets, to ensure successful project execution.

  1. Sustainable Infrastructure Project Manager
  2. Community Development Project Manager
  3. Environmental Conservation Project Manager
  4. Humanitarian Aid Project Manager
  5. Renewable Energy Project Manager
  6. Social Impact Project Manager
  7. Education Program Manager
  8. Healthcare Initiative Project Manager
  9. Disaster Resilience Project Manager
  10. Sustainable Agriculture Project Manager

Event Planner: The role of an event planner requires meticulous organization, coordination, and adaptability. Arrangers can thrive in this profession, orchestrating all the elements of an event, including vendors, logistics, and timelines, to create memorable and seamless experiences.

  1. Eco-Friendly Event Planner
  2. Sustainable Wedding Planner
  3. Green Conference Organizer
  4. Charity Fundraising Event Coordinator
  5. Environmental Awareness Campaign Event Planner
  6. Social Impact Event Producer
  7. Community Engagement Event Planner
  8. Sustainable Festival Organizer
  9. Conservation Gala Coordinator
  10. Fair Trade Market Event Planner

Supply Chain Manager: In a rapidly changing business landscape, supply chain management requires individuals who can effectively arrange and optimize the flow of goods and services. Arrangers can excel in this role by streamlining processes, minimizing costs, and ensuring efficient delivery.

  1. Sustainable Procurement Manager
  2. Ethical Supply Chain Analyst
  3. Green Logistics Manager
  4. Renewable Energy Supply Chain Specialist
  5. Fair Trade Compliance Manager
  6. Waste Reduction Supply Chain Coordinator
  7. Responsible Sourcing Manager
  8. Circular Economy Supply Chain Planner
  9. Humanitarian Aid Supply Chain Director
  10. Sustainable Packaging Supply Chain Manager

Operations Analyst: Arrangers have a natural talent for identifying areas of improvement and optimizing operational efficiency. As an operations analyst, you can analyze data, identify bottlenecks, and develop strategies to enhance productivity and streamline processes.

  1. Sustainable Operations Analyst
  2. Energy Efficiency Analyst
  3. Waste Reduction Analyst
  4. Environmental Impact Analyst
  5. Supply Chain Optimization Analyst
  6. Data Analytics Specialist for Social Impact
  7. Sustainable Manufacturing Analyst
  8. Carbon Footprint Analyst
  9. Renewable Energy Operations Analyst
  10. Sustainability Reporting Analyst

Human Resources Specialist: Human resources professionals often need to manage multiple facets of an organization, from talent acquisition to employee development and performance management.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Manager
  2. Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Specialist
  4. Sustainable Talent Acquisition Specialist
  5. Environmental Sustainability HR Consultant
  6. Ethical Compensation and Benefits Analyst
  7. Green Workforce Development Manager
  8. Social Impact HR Business Partner
  9. Employee Engagement Specialist for Nonprofits
  10. Fair Trade Compliance Officer

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