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Cambridge Educated, Former CEO and Parliamentary Director reveals:




... Using My Careers Planning Framework That Has Already Helped 6000+ Gen Z Teenagers Choose Their High School Elective Subjects, University & College Degrees and First Jobs


The Careers That Matter Mentorship Program

  • Build your unique framework to consistently make the correct career decisions, regardless of changes in the job market.

  • Teens and young adults aged 14-24 years old can join the program from anywhere in the world and participate at a time that suits you.

  • Ten weeks of video lessons, challenges and monthly live workshops (recorded for replay), with the flexibility to take the program at a slower pace to align with your schedule and plans.

  • Receive personalised support from an award-winning career mentor, former CEO and advisor to the Australian Parliament.

  • Explore the content and program for free for seven days, and if you don't like it will will give you a 100% refund. 


"Trust me, it's one of the best decisions I could have made for my future. And I just cannot thank Larissa enough for the personalized guidance."

Lucas T,  New York


"Before I found this program, I was lost in the sea of possibilities. I knew I had a passion for technology, but I wasn't sure how to give it a purpose."

Linda A,  London



"I didn't rely on my parents, or a teacher to tell me how to live my life. I figured it out on my own with the help of Careers That Matter."

Tim G, Berkley, CA

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Don’t Waste Your Life Trapped in a Career That You Don’t LOVE.

You’re at the strange time in every teen’s life that feels like a crossroads. 

(That’s probably what brought you to a page about student career advice, haha.)

You’re in high school and wondering how you should be investing your time. 

As a matter of fact, it probably seems like the “future” is all anyone around you is talking about. 

“What classes will you take?”

“What do you want to be?”

“Have You thought about *Insert Boring Career Choice Here*?”

“You’d definitely make a good Doctor/Lawyer/Engineer.”

“Have you gotten any career counselling? You need to make up your mind quickly or else…”

It seems like every day, a new —and probably well-intentioned— person is asking a question or making a suggestion about the next stage of your life…

And it’s quickly becoming overwhelming…

Of course, you understand that you’ll need a career to live a good life and to be able to provide for yourself. But you’re worried about what that career could mean for you. 

Will you enjoy it? What if you don't?

Should you chase your passion? What even IS your “passion”?

Will you end up stuck in a career that drains you emotionally and physically for years?

What if your parents’ suggestions don’t work out for you? 

There are a million questions just like these rattling around in your mind, and maybe it seems like there’s no way to sort them all out and create a clear path forward that you can start working toward. 

That’s where the Careers That Matter team can make things easy for you. 

We’ve developed a program that can help you easily:

  • Isolate your talents so you know what skills will be the easiest, most enjoyable, and most profitable to master.
  • Understand your own inner workings so you can choose career options that fulfill you instead of being trapped in dead-end careers.
  • Develop a clear career plan complete with pivot and fallback options so you can move into opportunities with confidence 
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The Blessing and the Curse of Gen Z’s Limitless Potential…

As a young person, you’re faced with an interesting dilemma that your parents never had to wrestle with. By the time they were in your position, the choices were limited but clear:

  • Take up a trade
  • Go to University and guarantee an “illustrious” and high-paying career
  • Start a business

Most of your parents likely chose the university option and they can probably tell you themselves, that they aren’t necessarily happy with their outcomes…

They spent the rest of their lives, working hard, unfulfilling jobs to make ends meet. Waking up every day and forcing themselves to go to work, even though they hated their jobs because they simply didn’t believe they had any other choice.

Yes… They hate going to work even more than you hate going to school sometimes… But they needed income to live a comfortable life and eventually find love and raise a family. 

If you ask them, they’d probably agree that a different career choice may have made them happier. 

They’d have been more excited to go to work, would have been happier with the impact they made on the world, and as a result, may have even gone much further in their careers.

You have the opposite problem on your hands…

In a world so closely connected through Social Media, you’re now exposed to more career choices than humanity has ever seen before. 

Add in the fact that technology keeps advancing faster and faster each year?

 And you’ve got quite the conundrum on your hands…

Between Schooling and the Internet, you can learn and master any skill. 

Thanks to Social Media you can find employment opportunities practically anywhere on the planet, in any circumstance, doing pretty much anything…

And the Worst Part of All This?

You won’t really know for sure how you feel about things until you experience them yourself. Which is a good way to get stuck in a University degree or job that you hate…

That’s why we’ve created our career counselling program. 

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 How I Went From Aimless to Working at the Highest Levels of Australian Government…

(And Why it Matters to You)

Meet Your Career Counsellor

Hi, my name is Larissa Brown, the Founder and Chief Career Mentor at Careers That Matter.

I started three different degrees in my early twenties trying to work out what I wanted to do – engineering, then law, and then science.

None of them felt quite right.

I was driven by a single question:

“How can I make an impact on society through my work?”

(Yes, a very strange thought for a young person to obsess over, but— I’ve never really taken an ordinary path through life..)

Either way, I couldn’t find the answers in the degrees I chose to pursue.

Eventually, I was so let down by the entire journey that I decided to drop out of school to take a gap year.

I spent that year travelling around the world, and realised how much we have to be grateful for as a species. Our environment, the wonderful wildlife around us, the ecosystem we’re blessed to live in and be a part of.

It became apparent to me, that I needed to do something about it.

Which is when it occurred to me that I’d finally found my purpose… 

The impact I wanted to have on the world…

It only took three degrees, depression, and a gap year to get it done…

Eventually, my newfound purpose would lead me through several career advances, all driven by my ultimate goal to create a sustainable impact on the world. This would culminate in my dream job:

Working out of parliament house as director of parliament and policy for 15 Greens senators and MPs.

I was utterly fulfilled in this role, and often, I’d be caught up so deeply in my work that 14 hours could pass in the blink of an eye.

But if I had the right guidance, much earlier on in my life, I would have been able to get there much sooner, and with a lot less headache.

That fact, and my recent decision to start a family pushed me in an entirely new direction.

Looking back at my life I realized just how much insight into career choices I’d accumulated in my own adventure and knew that I could make a massive impact on the next generation by helping young teens to skip the hardship and get the headstart in their careers that I wish I had.

Thus, Careers That Matter was born.




  • Navigating your early career can be challenging: I got terrible career counselling in high school. I started three different degrees in my early twenties trying to work out what I wanted to do – engineering, then law and then science. None of them felt quite right. Eventually, I found my way to a career that I loved, but I wasted a lot of time and money in the process and I don't want you to make the same mistake.

  • Your will benefit from my extensive experience in many senior and fulfilling jobs: I founded and served as CEO of an award-winning NGO. I then followed my passions – and applied my skills – in politics, commencing as a State Director of a significant Australian political party, before moving to the national arena as the federal party’s parliamentary director and then national policy director working out of Australian Parliament House.  
  • Access a framework based on interviews with the world's greatest social impact leaders about their careers: My research has taken me to 20 countries and five continents. This includes former Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, top entrepreneurs and young people making a difference in cities across the globe.   
  • You benefit from research at the world's best universities: I hold three master’s degrees at the world's top universities - Cambridge University (UK), the London School of Economics, and The University of Melbourne. I have also worked as a lecturer and research scientist at Australia's top universities.
  • Your award winning career mentor: I have been recognized as a Global Shaper by the Davos World Economic Forum and listed as one of Melbourne's 100 Most Influential People by The Age newspaper. Additionally, I have been honoured as the Australian Young Environmentalist of the Year and the Victorian Young Australian of the Year. 
  • Your career planning is my passion: I am driven by the question; how can people use their uniqueness to have an impact through their work? I love helping teenagers identify fulfilling, meaningful and impactful careers they can grow into.

The Careers That Matter Mentorship Program Will Help You to:

  1.  Explore Your Unique Potential to Discover Your Greatest Talents, Values, and Passions: There is and never will be another person who is uniquely you. Within this career counselling program, we’ll explore that uniqueness to find clues that lead us to the best career choices for you. Careers that make you wake up excited for each day, help you to make an impact and ultimately help you to live a fulfilled life.
  2.  Match those to Future-proof Career Choices That Will Fulfill you emotionally and Maximize Your Impact on the World: We’ll compare your unique talents, values, and passions to changes that are happening in the job market and where we expect the market to be in the next decade. We’ll create a career path that gives you freedom of choice.
  3.  Isolate The Core Skillset That Will Pay You Dividends for the Rest of Your Life: Once we’ve figured out the career options that work best for you, we’ll create a list of the core skills you’ll need to master. Knowing these skills will tell you exactly how you need to invest your time in the next few years especially which classes, extracurricular activities, and internships you should be focusing on.
  4.  Select Pivot Careers So You Have the Freedom to Choose the Best Options Boldly: Career counselling means more than picking the “best fit” for you. It means creating a roadmap of all the available options so that you can move forward in the world without feeling trapped. We’ll work together to prepare a series of pivot careers to provide you with options in case your first choice wasn’t the perfect fit.
  5.  Establish a “Fall Back” Option Just Incase Things Don’t Proceed Perfectly: Everyone needs a backup plan, and we’ll make sure that yours is a perfect fit. This fall back option will be less glamorous than your primary choices, but it will allow you to continue to leverage and develop your core skillset and pay the bills while you plan your next move.
  6.  Help You Create a Step-by-Step Plan to Get From Where You Are Now to Where You Need to be: It’s a long road from where you are right now, to where you will be and every step matters. By the time you’ve finished this career counselling program, you’ll be equipped with a step-by-step roadmap that makes all of your future class, university, and job decisions as simple as reading a map.

Make choosing your classes and career easier.

Discover your unique abilities and find the career that helps you make an impact.

What Our Graduates Say



"Overall, my favorite part was creating a career plan to be a mental health app developer. I've always had an interest in mental health and app creation, and Larissa helped me create this roadmap.

So, if you're a teenager like me, who could use some incredible career guidance, Do it. Even if you think you can handle it yourself or it's just boring, you don't want to do it. Trust me, it's one of the best decisions I could have made for my future. And I just cannot thank Larissa enough for the personalized guidance."

Lucas T,  New York    ★★★★★



"Before I found this program, I was lost in the sea of possibilities. I knew I had a passion for technology, but I wasn't sure how to give it a purpose.

The program helped me identify my superpower, which is my ability to think outside of the box and connect tech solutions with real social issues. Now, I'm on my path to becoming a tech for good developer. I'm focused on creating applications that solve real world problems. And I've got a mentor who's guiding me along the way."

Linda A,  London.   ★★★★★




"In high school, I was dealing with a lot of mental struggles. I had a constant anxiety thing going on because I didn't know what to do with my life. And when it seemed like everyone around me had something already figured out for themselves,

After the program, it's like I'm living a whole new life. I no longer suffered from the crippling anxiety of not knowing what I needed to do in my life. I have goals, and I have deadlines, and I even have people to help me complete those deadlines. Careers That Matter literally changed my life."

Ryan S, Denver, CO    ★★★★★



"I discovered that I am passionate about creating content using Artificial Intelligence, combining Marketing and Artificial Intelligence to provide experiences to people and connect with companies.My goal is to lead the creation of virtual reality content in a studio or in my own agency.

Sometimes I think that the stress that your parents and friends make you feel can lead you to make a bad decision and I feel that the best option is to pause in life, think and choose with calm the best decision."

Maria K, Bogata, Colombia.   ★★★★★



"I went from knowing nothing about my future to having multiple options. Whichever way it goes I'll be working in a career that I'm passionate about.

It's also rewarding to know that I figured this out on my own. I didn't rely on my parents, or a teacher to tell me how to live my life. I figured it out on my own with the help of Careers That Matter"

Tim G, Berkley, CA     ★★★★★



Here’s Exactly What You’ll be Getting in Each Week of The Program

Start the Program Anytime* and Complete It At Your Own Pace.

Our program is designed to be flexible for both you and your teen. You can start it anytime and complete it at your own pace, from anywhere you have internet access. However, to ensure that every student receives individual attention, we limit the number of available spots at any given time.

*UPDATE: Currently, we have reached full capacity for the December 2023 and January 2024 programs. If you're interested in enrolling for the February 2024 program, we recommend securing your spot as soon as possible, as places are expected to fill up quickly.


Ten Video Workshops You Can Do Anytime

Invest just 2.5 hours every week into an online workshop jam-packed with exciting insights and engaging activities designed to help you develop and understanding yourself in the context of work.

You can do these at any time and from anywhere. 

The ten workshops are designed to be completed at a pace of one per week over ten weeks; but you can do them slower or take weeks off in between.

By the time you’ve worked your way through all 10 workshops, your will have created a functional career path, based on your unique strengths, passions, and desired impact. 

Optional Live Workshops with Larissa

You’re not alone in your search for career counselling. Your will be joining a group of teenagers from all across the globe who are all wrestling with the same questions that you are right now.

We run weekly live sessions across multiple time zones so that you can explore what you have been working on that week with Larissa and other students your age as they work together to build a career plan.

Each session is recorded and available to watch immediately after. 

If you can't make a session you are welcome to send in any questions you would like answered in the workshop and watch the recording later. 

Personalised Career Advice From Larissa

Every week, you’ll receive a challenge designed to deepen your thinking and further explore yourself and the ideal career path forward. These challenges add a piece of the puzzle each time they’re completed.

We'll give you access to a private forum that we’ll share as a group with other teens in the program. This group will be the hub of your career-building for the next few weeks. You’ll have a safe space to share your thoughts, feelings, and the results of each activity. 

At any time you can reach out for support and receive guidance from Larissa.

You’ll also receive personalised guidance from Larissa on the key aspects of their career plan - including personalised career suggestions for you to explore and career development opportunities tailored to your ambitions. 

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Workshop Topics

Phase One: Discovering Your Unique Path  

Buckle up! The next four weeks are all about digging deep to figure out what makes you, well, you. No generic advice here—everything's tailor-made for your unique self. Here's what's cooking:

teenager learning how their personality relates to their career

Get Lit on What You Love

We kick off by uncovering what really sparks your interest. Here's what you'll focus on:

  • Stuff that grips you: Find your jam, the activities you can get lost in for hours.
  • What you're curious about: Sift through topics and tasks that make you want to dive deep and know more.

By the end, you'll have a vibrant list of activities and interests that energize you, creating a strong foundation for your future career journey.


teenagers standing on top of a circle and triangle looking for their career talents

Unlock Your Unique Edge

This week is all about figuring out what makes you, well, you! We're talking about:

  • Career Choices that Click: Learn how picking a job that plays to your strengths can make you happier and up your game.
  • Talents vs Strengths vs Skills: Get clear on what you're born with, what you've built up, and what you've learned. This helps you use what you've got more effectively.

By the end, you'll know your go-to strengths and talents, setting you apart in any field you choose.

teenagers hiking on earth doing work that is good for the earth

What's Your World-Changer Mode?

This week, we zoom out and look at the bigger picture:

  • Dream Up Your Ideal World: Pin down what you wish was different about the world. Could be social justice, cleaner oceans, or a more fair economy.
  • Core Beliefs, Real Talk: Zero in on the values that matter to you. These are your North Star when making career choices.

By the end, you'll have a starter outline of the difference you want to make. Details to follow, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

a teenager shooting a bow at a target

Craft Your Career GPS

This week is a game-changer. You're building your own career GPS, a tool that'll be with you for life. Here's what we dive into:

  • Make Your Career GPS: Learn how to craft a statement that sums up the you-factor. It wraps your personality, what matters to you, what you rock at, and what you've learned into one guiding mantra for your job journey.

By the end, you'll have a one-liner that's got your back, setting your sights on careers that are genuinely you.

Phase Two: Exploring Future Pathways   

Get ready for the next big step. In Phase Two, we're diving into the world of future careers that vibe with you — your values, strengths, and what gets you fired up.

an eye looking at careers of the future

Prep for a Future-Ready Career

This week, you'll focus on aligning your career compass with jobs that can stand the test of time. Key areas include:

  • Design Thinking and Career Ideas: Utilize design thinking to brainstorm careers that fit your values, strengths, and interests.
  • Scope Out Industry Trends: Dive into what's fresh in your shortlisted fields. Get a handle on new tech, societal shifts, and how they might shape your career options.

By the end, you'll have a targeted list of careers and know the skills you'll need to thrive in them.

people in identical business suits with one man flying away

The Power of Choice

This week, let’s ditch the “one dream job” myth and get real. Here’s the rundown:

  • Your Top 10: Using your career GPS, identify the jobs that rank highest for you.
  • Unclog the Fog: Spot what's still fuzzy about each of your top 10 picks. That's your to-do list for digging deeper.

By the end, you’ll have a shortlist of 10 careers and a checklist of questions to explore about each. This sets you up for informed moves.

four teenagers pushing objects with one kickign a ball easily

Road Test Your Career Picks

his week is like a test drive for your future. Let's dig in:

  • Try Before You Buy: Understand that you can't know if a shoe fits unless you walk in it. Same goes for careers.
  • Hands-On Homework: Learn about job shadowing, internships, or part-time gigs as ways to get a real feel for different jobs.
  • Pro Talks: Get the lowdown on how to connect and chat with people who are already doing what you're eyeing. They'll give you the inside scoop.

By the end, you'll have a game plan to test drive your top 5 career choices. Trust us, it's worth the legwork.

Phase Three:  Build Your Bespoke Career Game Plan   

In the final three weeks, you'll go from ideas to action, crafting a flexible game plan that sets you up for long-term success.

a teenager confused by career choices

Overcoming Challenges

This week is all about squaring up with whatever's standing between you and your dream job. Get ready to:

  • Spot Your Roadblocks: Pinpoint exactly what's slowing you down, be it self-doubt, lack of resources, or societal pressures.
  • Strategize Your Leap: Build your game plan with personalized strategies using your strengths, your squad, and opportunities that are out there.

By the end, you'll have your very own roadmap to dodge those career potholes and hit the gas toward your goals.

a teenager drafting a career plan on a laptop

Build Your Career Blueprint

In a world that’s always on the move, your plans need to be just as agile. So, here's the plan for this week:

  • Roll with the Punches: Learn the art of adaptability. The world's gonna change, and your career plans need to be flexible enough to change with it.
  • Three-Part Harmony: Craft three separate career blueprints—Plan A, Plan B, and Plan Z. One's your dream gig, the other's a solid backup, and the last is your safety net.
  • Mix Your Short and Long Game: Make sure your immediate moves line up with your ultimate career goals. We're talking about a balanced playbook here, people.

Wrap-up? You’ll walk away with not one but three dynamic career plans, ready for whatever life tosses your way.

a teenager drafting a career plan on a laptop

Put Your Plans Into Play

It's time to switch from brainstorming to bootstrapping. Your career won't shape itself; you have to take the reins. So, let's see what we're tackling this week:

  • Cash in Your Career Capital: Ever heard of career capital? It's your own blend of skills, know-how, connections, and your reputation. You'll find out how this invisible currency can make or break your career moves.
  • Your Plan, Bite-Sized: Your grand career plan looks great on paper, but how do you actually live it? You'll break it down into mini-goals, tasks, and deadlines. No more vague dreams; you'll have a step-by-step guide to make them happen.
  • Make Your Own Rules: Think of your daily routines as your game plan for success. We're gonna talk about setting priorities, managing your time, and carving out daily 'career time.'

End of the program, you’ll be armed with a to-do list that’s all about turning your career plans into your career reality.

Example: Module Two Introduction

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How to Join the Careers That Matter Mentorship Program

Email Your Parent An Info Pack About The Program

Need help explaining the program to your parent? Let us know your parent's email address and we will send them some information about the program. You can then talk it over together.

Send Pack

Enrol in a Ten-Week Program

Join our program with teenagers from around the world. You will discover and design a meaningful career path. 


Flourish in a Meaningful Career 

Adapt, grow, and succeed in your chosen path as you navigate the evolving job market. 


Email Your Parent An Info Pack

Keen to make this happen?

Need Help Explaining The Program to Your Parent?

Let us know your parent's email address and we will send them some information about the program.



What you will receive: 

  • Mentorship from an award-winning career counsellor.
  • Ten weeks of video workshops you can do anywhere at any time.
  •  Monthly live workshops with Larissa.
  • A meaningful, clear and flexible plan for your career.

Payment Options

Tuition Payment Currency and Frequency

Choose to pay either in American or Australian dollars. 

Australian Dollars


One Time Payment


American Dollars


One Time Payment


100% Risk-Free - Our Seven Day Money Back Guarantee

We encourage you to dive headfirst into our program, try the videos, take on the challenges, and immerse yourself in the content. If, for any reason, you discover that the program isn't the right fit for you within the first seven days of starting, we've got you covered. We believe so strongly in the value of our program that we offer a full refund, no questions asked. 

Contact our support team on [email protected] within seven days of starting the program, and we'll process your full refund promptly. No need to provide reasons; we respect your decision.

Also Available on a Payment Plan 

Three Payments Over Three Months

Australian Dollars


Three payments over three months.


American Dollars


Three payments over three months.




We will work over four (online) sessions - one hour each - to develop a tailored career plan. You can do the sessions at the pace of one per week or one per month.  There will be some reflective tasks to do in between sessions. 

What you will receive: 

  • Access to all the materials offered in the group coaching program above.
  • Four, one-hour mentorship sessions with Larissa to help you identify and design a meaningful, clear and flexible plan for your career.

Payment Options

Tuition Payment Currency and Frequency

Choose to pay either in American or Australian dollars. 

Australian Dollars


One off payment


American Dollars


One off payment