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History Career Ideas: 100 Jobs for Students who Love History

100 Jobs for Students who Love History

Traditional Careers:

  1. Historian
  2. Archivist
  3. Museum Curator
  4. History Teacher (Primary/Secondary School)
  5. University History Professor
  6. Librarian (Special Collections)
  7. Documentary Filmmaker
  8. Historical Fiction Author
  9. Preservationist
  10. Genealogist
  11. Art Historian
  12. Archaeologist
  13. Oral Historian
  14. Paleographer (Study of ancient writing)
  15. Anthropologist
  16. Ethnographer
  17. Numismatist (Study of coins)
  18. Epigrapher (Study of inscriptions)
  19. Historical Site Guide/Tour Director
  20. History Textbook Writer/Editor

Media & Communication:

21. Historical Consultant (for films, TV, etc.)

  1. History Journalist
  2. History Podcaster
  3. History Blogger
  4. History Book Reviewer
  5. Historical Drama Screenwriter
  6. Editor for Historical Publications
  7. History YouTube Channel Creator
  8. Historical Reenactment Coordinator
  9. Heritage Site Marketing Manager

Research & Documentation:

31. Manuscript Conservator

  1. Archival Researcher
  2. Historical Map Specialist
  3. Military Historian
  4. Diplomatic Historian
  5. Historical Linguist
  6. Historical Demographer
  7. Restoration Specialist
  8. Family Historian/Biographer
  9. Historical Fact Checker

Travel & Tourism:

41. Heritage Tourism Operator

  1. Historic Hotel Manager
  2. Battlefield Guide
  3. Cruise Line Historian
  4. Cultural Heritage Officer
  5. National Park Historian
  6. Heritage Railways Operator
  7. Historic Ship & Maritime Museums Coordinator
  8. Travel Writer with Historical Focus
  9. Historical Expedition Organizer

Government & Public Service:

51. Public Records Manager

  1. Legislative Researcher
  2. Local Government Historian
  3. Policy Advisor with Historical Expertise
  4. Cultural Resources Manager
  5. Historic Preservation Planner
  6. Diplomat (knowledge of history is invaluable)
  7. Intelligence Analyst
  8. National Archives Staff
  9. Civil Rights Historian

Business & Entrepreneurial:

61. Antique Dealer

  1. Historical Estate Agent
  2. Heritage Brand Consultant
  3. Owner of a Historical Bed & Breakfast
  4. Vintage Clothing Retailer
  5. Historical Game Designer
  6. Historical Fiction Publishing
  7. Historical Jewelry Designer
  8. Retro Interior Designer
  9. Producer of Reproduction Antiques

Law & Justice:

71. Legal Historian

  1. Historical Forensic Expert
  2. Property Rights Researcher (historical deeds)
  3. Contract Archivist (for legal documents)
  4. Historical Legal Consultant

Art & Culture:

76. Historical Illustrator

  1. Historical Musicologist
  2. Period Costume Designer
  3. Theatre Historian
  4. Historical Art Restoration Specialist

Tech & Digital:

81. Digital Historian

  1. Creator of Virtual Historical Tours
  2. Historical Database Manager
  3. Historical GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Specialist
  4. Augmented Reality Historical Site Developer
  5. Designer of History Education Apps
  6. Digital Archival Organizer
  7. History-themed Video Game Developer
  8. 3D Reconstruction Artist for Historical Sites
  9. Social Media Manager for History Institutions

Jobs Good for the World:

91. Human Rights History Researcher

  1. Historian for Peace Studies
  2. Historical Environment Impact Analyst
  3. Historian for Indigenous Rights
  4. Memory and Reconciliation Facilitator (post-conflict)
  5. Education Developer for Historical Empathy
  6. Holocaust Educator
  7. Historian in Minority and Marginalized Histories
  8. History-Based Social Justice Advocate
  9. Historian for Environmental Movements

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