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Fifty Jobs of the Future for Teens who are Thoughtful


For teenagers trying to identify a career path that is a good fit for them, they first need to start with knowing themselves better. This includes talents, strengths, skills, values and passions. 

When you identify and invest in talents they become strengths. When you have a career that uses your strengths, you are naturally more fulfilled, impactful and successful. 

In this series we identify 34 natural talents that teens might have, and how they might be a good fit for careers of the future.

What is the Deliberative Orientation? 

The Deliberative strength embodies the art of careful decision-making and anticipation of obstacles. Individuals with the Deliberative theme possess a natural inclination to carefully evaluate options, weigh risks, and consider potential challenges before making choices. They approach decisions with a sense of caution, ensuring that they have thoroughly explored the potential consequences and pitfalls. This strength enables them to make well-informed choices and navigate uncertain situations with a steady hand.

Do you, or your teenager have a Deliberative Orientation? Clues to look for. 

Teenagers who possess the Deliberative strength often exhibit certain characteristics and tendencies that indicate its presence. Here are a few signs that can help teenagers recognize the Deliberative strength within themselves:

  1. Thoughtful Decision-Making: If you find yourself naturally inclined to think deeply about choices and their potential outcomes, and carefully consider all available information before making decisions, it could be an indicator of the Deliberative strength. You tend to take your time, thoroughly analyze the situation, and weigh the pros and cons before committing to a course of action.
  2. Anticipating Obstacles: Individuals with the Deliberative strength possess an innate ability to anticipate potential obstacles and challenges. You find yourself naturally considering the risks and potential roadblocks associated with different choices. Your ability to foresee challenges allows you to take proactive measures and plan for contingencies.
  3. Preference for Caution: Teenagers with the Deliberative strength tend to exhibit a preference for caution in their decision-making process. You may feel uncomfortable with hasty decisions or impulsive actions, preferring to take your time and gather as much information as possible before moving forward. You value thoroughness and avoid unnecessary risks.
  4. Analytical Thinking: Deliberative individuals often possess strong analytical skills. You have a natural ability to break down complex problems into manageable components, enabling you to assess risks and potential obstacles systematically. Your analytical thinking allows you to make well-informed choices and navigate challenges effectively.

Fifty Jobs of the Future for Thoughtful Teens:

Here are a few potential career paths that could be rewarding for individuals with the Deliberator orientation:

Risk Analyst: Deliberative individuals can excel as risk analysts, evaluating potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them. They can work in industries such as finance, insurance, or cybersecurity, assessing potential threats and making informed decisions to safeguard against them.

  1. Environmental Risk Analyst
  2. Social Impact Risk Analyst
  3. Sustainable Investment Risk Analyst
  4. Climate Change Risk Analyst
  5. Public Health Risk Analyst
  6. Renewable Energy Project Risk Analyst
  7. Natural Disaster Risk Analyst
  8. Biodiversity Conservation Risk Analyst
  9. Sustainable Agriculture Risk Analyst
  10. Clean Technology Risk Analyst

Crisis Management Specialist: Deliberative individuals have a natural ability to anticipate obstacles and plan for contingencies. They can work in crisis management roles, helping organizations prepare for and navigate challenging situations, such as natural disasters or reputational crises.

  1. Environmental Crisis Management Specialist
  2. Humanitarian Crisis Management Specialist
  3. Climate Resilience Specialist
  4. Crisis Communication Specialist (for environmental causes)
  5. Public Health Crisis Management Specialist
  6. Natural Disaster Response Coordinator
  7. Sustainable Development Crisis Management Specialist
  8. Social Justice Crisis Management Specialist
  9. Conservation Crisis Management Specialist
  10. Community Resilience and Recovery Specialist

Strategic Planner: Deliberative individuals can contribute as strategic planners, assisting organizations in making well-informed decisions by thoroughly analyzing data, assessing risks, and considering potential obstacles. They can work in various industries, helping companies chart a course for long-term success.

  1. Sustainable Business Strategist
  2. Environmental Planning and Policy Analyst
  3. Social Impact Strategist
  4. Climate Action Strategist
  5. Urban Planning and Development Strategist (for sustainable cities)
  6. Renewable Energy Strategy Manager
  7. Nonprofit Strategy Consultant
  8. Corporate Sustainability Strategist
  9. Circular Economy Strategist
  10. Sustainable Tourism Development Planner

Legal Consultant: Deliberative individuals can pursue careers as legal consultants, providing thoughtful analysis and guidance in legal matters. Their ability to anticipate obstacles and thoroughly assess risks allows them to offer valuable insights and help clients navigate complex legal situations.

  1. Environmental Law Consultant
  2. Social Justice Legal Advisor
  3. Corporate Responsibility Legal Consultant
  4. Climate Change Policy Consultant
  5. Human Rights Legal Consultant
  6. Sustainable Business Compliance Consultant
  7. Nonprofit Legal Advisor
  8. Conservation Law Consultant
  9. Renewable Energy Regulation Consultant
  10. Community Development Legal Consultant

Research Analyst: Deliberative individuals can pursue careers as research analysts, conducting in-depth studies, and providing valuable insights. They can anticipate potential obstacles in research projects and adopt meticulous methodologies to ensure accurate and reliable results.

  1. Sustainability Research Analyst
  2. Environmental Policy Analyst
  3. Social Impact Researcher
  4. Climate Change Analyst
  5. Renewable Energy Market Analyst
  6. Sustainable Agriculture Researcher
  7. Human Rights Analyst
  8. Conservation Science Research Analyst
  9. Clean Technology Researcher
  10. Community Development Analyst

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