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Why I Said Goodbye to Basic Career Advice and Found My True Calling

Emma S

Guest Post by Emma S, Sydney

Ever feel like the career guidance at school is stuck in the past? You're not alone. If you're someone who's got an eye on being a change-maker, keep reading. I left behind the outdated advice and found a program that really gets it: Careers That Matter. Yeah, it's a whole different level.

Career counseling at most schools is, well, basic. There's this pre-packaged roadmap that's handed out like it fits everyone. That was my experience until I found Careers That Matter. This is an online program that goes way beyond helping you land a job. They're all about aligning your work with your true interests and making an actual impact in the world.

Why did I start looking for something else? Simple answer: The usual advice just wasn't cutting it. I've always been someone who wants to bring about change, not just execute orders from above. The standard guidance would tell me to look into "roles with responsibility," but come on, that could mean anything. Then I took the Careers That Matter Free Career Quiz and eventually enrolled in their full program. Suddenly, I was asked questions that got to the core, like "What type of impact do you want to make?" and "What drives your urge to innovate?"

Before I found this game-changing program, I was leaning towards a career in technology, but wasn't sure how to give it a purpose. The program helped me identify my 'superpower': my ability to think outside the box and connect tech solutions with social issues. Now I'm set on becoming a Tech-for-Good Developer, focusing on creating applications that solve real-world problems.

And it doesn't stop there. The program walked me through the steps to actually make this dream a reality. We dug deep into the importance of networking, got tips on refining leadership qualities, and even learned how to connect with mentors in the field. Plus, I met other teens who were having their own epiphanies. 

As the program moved forward, I started to realize that this wasn't just about me figuring out my career path; it was about putting together a plan to make it all happen. And it wasn't a solo journey. The people I met in this program, friends who are now like a second family, are all making these huge leaps too. Let's dive into a few of their stories.

First up is Jake. He was initially thinking about a career in finance because, well, that's what his family wanted for him. But deep down, Jake had this urge to do something that contributed to society. Through Careers That Matter, he discovered his passion for sustainable economics. The guy is now looking at roles in green finance, a sector focused on investments that have positive environmental impacts. He's pumped about the idea of shaping investment strategies that prioritize eco-friendly projects and sustainable development. It's finance, but with a conscience.

Then there's Danielle, a math whiz who thought the only way to use her skills was to be a statistician or an actuary. But guess what the program helped her figure out? Her true calling lies in using data science for healthcare. Danielle is now exploring roles that involve crunching numbers to predict disease outbreaks or improve healthcare delivery systems. She's excited about taking her love for numbers into an area where she can literally help save lives.

Another friend, Kevin, is a history buff. Before joining the program, he thought his only real options were teaching or academia. But Careers That Matter opened his eyes to something extraordinary: cultural conservation. Now Kevin is exploring careers where he could work in museums, heritage sites, or even government roles focused on preserving cultural history. It's like being Indiana Jones but without the rolling boulders and scary snakes!

What really blew my mind was how the program didn't just stop at identifying what we wanted to do. We got down to the nitty-gritty details of how to get there, dissecting internship options, connecting with mentors in the field, and laying down steps to reach our dream careers.

And here's the best part: while we're all from different backgrounds and have diverse interests, the program made us realize that each of us has a unique 'superpower' that makes us invaluable in our chosen fields. For Jake, it's his ethical mindset in finance. For Danielle, it's her analytical skills in healthcare. And for Kevin, it's his passion for preserving the past for future generations.

So what's in it for you? Beyond the personalized guidance, there's a wealth of interactive live workshops. Miss a session? They've got you covered with video summaries. And the weekly challenges? Get ready for some real brainwork that pushes you to think two steps ahead. Not to mention, you become part of a global community of like-minded teens all navigating their paths.

Would I recommend Careers That Matter? Absolutely. If you're looking to be a leader in a world that needs them now more than ever, this is your spot. No more guesswork, no more limitations; just a well-defined path to a future you'll be excited to wake up to every day.

Interested in making an impact with your career? Trust me, you want to be a part of Careers That Matter. Check it out at It's not just a program; it's a transformation.

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