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Design Jobs List: 100 Career Ideas for Students who Love Design

Design Jobs List

Graphic Design:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Brand Identity Designer
  3. Print Designer (magazines, brochures, posters)
  4. Typography Specialist
  5. Packaging Designer
  6. Book Cover Designer
  7. Infographics Designer
  8. Motion Graphics Designer
  9. Exhibition Designer
  10. Environmental Graphic Designer

Digital & Web Design:

11. Web Designer

  1. User Interface (UI) Designer
  2. User Experience (UX) Designer
  3. Mobile App Designer
  4. Digital Illustrator
  5. Game Designer
  6. VR/AR Designer
  7. Email Marketing Designer
  8. Web Animator
  9. Icon Designer

Industrial & Product Design:

21. Industrial Designer

  1. Furniture Designer
  2. Automotive Designer
  3. Toy Designer
  4. Wearable Tech Designer
  5. Home Appliance Designer
  6. Footwear Designer
  7. Sports Equipment Designer
  8. Sustainable Product Designer
  9. Packaging Engineer

Interior & Spatial Design:

31. Interior Designer

  1. Retail Space Designer
  2. Exhibition and Set Designer
  3. Residential Interior Decorator
  4. Commercial Interior Designer
  5. Landscape Designer
  6. Lighting Designer
  7. Hospitality Designer (hotels, restaurants)
  8. Workplace Designer
  9. Healthcare Facility Designer

Fashion & Textile Design:

41. Fashion Designer

  1. Textile Designer
  2. Costume Designer
  3. Jewelry Designer
  4. Fashion Illustrator
  5. Fabric Pattern Designer
  6. Accessories Designer
  7. Lingerie Designer
  8. Footwear Designer
  9. Sustainable Fashion Designer

Film, Animation, & Multimedia:

51. Animator

  1. Storyboard Artist
  2. Video Game Artist
  3. 3D Modeler
  4. Visual Effects Specialist
  5. Film Production Designer
  6. Multimedia Designer
  7. Virtual Reality Experience Designer
  8. Sound Designer
  9. Video Editor

Design Management & Strategy:

61. Design Manager

  1. Art Director
  2. Creative Director
  3. Design Strategist
  4. Design Researcher
  5. Design Consultant
  6. Brand Strategist
  7. Design Operations Manager
  8. Design Educator/Trainer
  9. Design Thinker/Facilitator

Illustration & Art:

71. Illustrator

  1. Children's Book Illustrator
  2. Medical Illustrator
  3. Scientific Illustrator
  4. Concept Artist
  5. Mural Artist
  6. Comics Artist
  7. Caricature Artist
  8. Tattoo Designer
  9. Album Cover Designer

Specialized Design:

81. Signage Designer

  1. Wayfinding Designer
  2. Experiential Designer (events and activations)
  3. Accessibility Designer
  4. Cultural Heritage Designer
  5. Prop Designer for theatre/film
  6. Ceramic Designer
  7. Floral Designer
  8. Stationery Designer
  9. Wedding Invitation Designer

Technology & Design:

91. Algorithmic/Generative Designer

  1. Interaction Designer
  2. Voice Interface Designer
  3. Chatbot Designer
  4. Biodesign Specialist
  5. Haptic Design Specialist
  6. AI Experience Designer
  7. Data Visualization Specialist
  8. Digital Fabrication Designer
  9. 3D Printing Designer

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