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Fifty Jobs of the Future for Teens who actually like rules and order


For teenagers trying to identify a career path that is a good fit for them, they first need to start with knowing themselves better. This includes talents, strengths, skills, values and passions. 

When you identify and invest in talents they become strengths. When you have a career that uses your strengths, you are naturally more fulfilled, impactful and successful. 

In this series we identify 34 natural talents that teens might have, and how they might be a good fit for careers of the future.

What is the Consistency Orientation? 

The Consistency strength embodies the ability to recognize the significance of treating people the same. Those with the Consistency theme have a strong desire to establish uniformity and fairness in their interactions and environments. They value stable routines, consistent rules, and transparent procedures that ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably. Their ability to create a sense of order and consistency promotes harmony and fosters positive relationships.

Do you, or your teenager have an Consistency Orientation? Clues to look for. 

Teenagers who possess the Consistency strength often exhibit certain characteristics and tendencies that indicate its presence. Here are a few signs that can help teenagers recognize the Consistency strength within themselves:

  1. Fairness Advocates: If you find yourself naturally advocating for fairness and equality in your interactions with others, and feel uneasy when you witness or experience inconsistency or favoritism, it could be an indicator of the Consistency strength. You are keenly aware of the importance of treating people equally and strive to ensure fairness in various situations.
  2. Rule Followers: Individuals with the Consistency strength are typically diligent rule followers. You may feel a sense of discomfort or dissatisfaction when rules and procedures are not adhered to consistently. You appreciate clear guidelines and rely on them to create a sense of order and fairness in your own life and the lives of others.
  3. Desire for Stability: Consistency-driven individuals often have a strong desire for stability and predictability. You might find comfort in routines, established patterns, and structured environments. The ability to follow consistent routines and guidelines contributes to your overall well-being and sense of security.
  4. Conflict Resolution Skills: Teenagers with the Consistency strength often possess excellent conflict resolution skills. You naturally seek to find common ground and mediate disagreements by highlighting the need for fairness and consistency. Your ability to promote harmonious relationships through consistent treatment of others is a testament to your Consistency strength.

Fifty Jobs of the Future for Achievers:

 Here are a few potential career paths that could be rewarding for individuals with the Achiever orientation:

Here are some potential job opportunities that align with their talents:

Compliance Officer: In industries where adherence to regulations and standards is critical, Consistency-driven individuals can excel as compliance officers. They can work in fields such as healthcare, finance, or data privacy, ensuring organizations follow consistent guidelines and procedures.

  1. Environmental Compliance Manager
  2. Corporate Governance Analyst
  3. Ethics and Integrity Officer
  4. Regulatory Compliance Specialist (focused on environmental regulations)
  5. Data Privacy Compliance Officer
  6. Social Responsibility Compliance Auditor
  7. Financial Compliance Analyst (for sustainable investments)
  8. Health and Safety Compliance Coordinator
  9. Quality Control Compliance Manager
  10. Supplier Code of Conduct Auditor

Quality Assurance Analyst: Those with the Consistency strength can contribute to maintaining consistent quality standards within organizations. They can work as quality assurance analysts, conducting audits, implementing protocols, and ensuring compliance with established procedures.

  1. Sustainability Standards Analyst
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment Coordinator
  3. Sustainable Product Certification Analyst
  4. Quality Management Systems Auditor
  5. Responsible Sourcing Analyst
  6. Green Building Certification Specialist
  7. Social Compliance Analyst
  8. Food Safety and Quality Assurance Coordinator (for organic and sustainable practices)
  9. Energy Efficiency Compliance Analyst
  10. Supply Chain Traceability Coordinator

Legal Assistant: Consistency-driven individuals can find fulfillment in legal careers, working as legal assistants or paralegals. They can assist lawyers in maintaining consistent legal processes, organizing case files, and ensuring adherence to legal standards.

  1. Environmental Law Paralegal
  2. Human Rights Legal Research Assistant
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Legal Assistant
  4. Nonprofit Legal Support Specialist
  5. Climate Change Policy Analyst
  6. Intellectual Property Rights Assistant (for renewable technologies)
  7. Environmental Litigation Paralegal
  8. Social Justice Legal Advocate
  9. Sustainable Business Law Clerk
  10. Indigenous Rights Legal Researcher

Project Coordinator: Consistency is crucial in project management, and individuals with the Consistency strength can thrive as project coordinators. They can maintain consistent workflows, track project milestones, and ensure adherence to established project plans.

  1. Sustainable Infrastructure Project Coordinator
  2. Community Development Project Coordinator
  3. Renewable Energy Project Manager
  4. Environmental Conservation Project Coordinator
  5. Social Impact Project Manager
  6. Urban Planning Project Coordinator (focused on sustainable cities)
  7. Education Program Coordinator (for environmental education initiatives)
  8. Disaster Response and Resilience Coordinator
  9. Green Transportation Project Coordinator
  10. Youth Development Project Coordinator (for marginalized communities)

Operations Manager: Consistency-driven individuals can thrive in operations management roles, overseeing processes, implementing standard operating procedures, and ensuring consistent performance and productivity.

  1. Sustainable Manufacturing Operations Manager
  2. Social Enterprise Operations Director
  3. Environmental Services Operations Supervisor
  4. Nonprofit Organization Operations Manager
  5. Fair Trade Cooperative Manager
  6. Renewable Energy Facility Operations Coordinator
  7. Sustainable Agriculture Operations Director
  8. Ethical Fashion Production Manager
  9. Circular Economy Operations Consultant
  10. Social Impact Startup Operations Lead

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