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Fifty Jobs of the Future for Teens who like Achieving


For teenagers trying to identify a career path that is a good fit for them, they first need to start with knowing themselves better. This includes talents, strengths, skills, values and passions. 

When you identify and invest in talents they become strengths. When you have a career that uses your strengths, you are naturally more fulfilled, impactful and successful. 

In this series we identify 34 natural talents that teens might have, and how they might be a good fit for careers of the future.

What is the Achiever Orientation? 

Achiever strength represents an innate ability to work hard and maintain high levels of productivity. Individuals with Achiever as a dominant theme are always seeking ways to accomplish tasks and meet goals, finding deep satisfaction in being busy and achieving tangible results. They possess a relentless drive to excel and take pride in their ability to handle demanding workloads while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Do you, or your teenager have an Achiever Orientation? Clues to look for. 

While the full development of one's strengths often takes time, teenagers can begin to recognize their potential as Achievers by paying attention to their personal tendencies and inclinations. Here are a few signs that may indicate the presence of the Achiever strength:

  1. Relentless Pursuit of Goals: Achievers tend to set ambitious goals for themselves and take persistent action to achieve them. If you find yourself consistently motivated by accomplishing objectives and driven to excel in various areas of your life, it may be a sign of the Achiever strength.
  2. Natural Drive for Productivity: Achievers often find themselves seeking activities that keep them engaged and productive. You may feel a sense of fulfillment when your days are filled with tasks and accomplishments, and you thrive in environments where hard work is valued.
  3. Stamina and Perseverance: Achievers possess an exceptional ability to maintain their energy and focus for extended periods. If you have a knack for working long hours without feeling drained and can sustain your motivation even during challenging times, it could be an indicator of the Achiever strength.
  4. Record of Accomplishments: Look back at your past achievements. Achievers tend to have a track record of consistently completing tasks, projects, or personal goals. Recognizing your past accomplishments can help you identify patterns of hard work and sustained effort.

Fifty Jobs of the Future for Achievers:

As the world continues to evolve, certain industries and job roles align particularly well with the orientation of Achievers. Here are a few potential career paths that could be rewarding for individuals with the Achiever orientation:

Project Management: Achievers excel in roles that require setting and achieving goals, managing resources, and maintaining a high level of productivity. Project management allows individuals to oversee complex initiatives, coordinate teams, and drive successful outcomes.

  1. Sustainable Development Project Manager
  2. Renewable Energy Project Manager
  3. Humanitarian Aid Project Manager
  4. Environmental Conservation Project Manager
  5. Social Impact Project Manager
  6. Community Development Project Manager
  7. Infrastructure Development Project Manager
  8. Education Program Manager
  9. Health Services Project Manager
  10. Disaster Relief Project Manager

Entrepreneurship: The entrepreneurial path appeals to Achievers who are driven by a strong work ethic and an inherent desire to accomplish something significant. Starting and growing a business provides ample opportunities to exercise their stamina, ambition, and capacity for hard work.

  1. Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur
  2. Eco-Friendly Product Innovator
  3. Social Entrepreneur
  4. Clean Energy Startup Founder
  5. Green Building Consultant
  6. Organic Farming Business Owner
  7. Ethical Supply Chain Consultant
  8. Waste Management Entrepreneur
  9. Fair Trade Business Advocate
  10. Eco-Tourism Operator

Sales and Marketing: Achievers possess a natural ability to influence and persuade others. Sales and marketing roles allow individuals to channel their energy into achieving targets, building relationships, and driving business growth.

  1. Sustainability Sales Representative
  2. Renewable Energy Sales Manager
  3. Ethical Fashion Marketing Specialist
  4. Green Product Marketing Manager
  5. Environmental Education Outreach Coordinator
  6. Social Impact Campaign Manager
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultant
  8. Conservation Fundraiser
  9. Eco-Tourism Marketing Coordinator
  10. Nonprofit Development Officer

Research and Development: Achievers thrive in environments that value continuous improvement and innovation. Careers in research and development involve exploring new ideas, problem-solving, and bringing novel concepts to fruition.

  1. Clean Energy Research Scientist
  2. Environmental Scientist
  3. Sustainable Materials Engineer
  4. Conservation Biologist
  5. Agricultural Researcher
  6. Climate Change Analyst
  7. Public Health Researcher
  8. Green Technology Innovator
  9. Renewable Energy Systems Engineer
  10. Water Resource Management Specialist

Healthcare and Medicine: The healthcare field demands individuals with stamina, dedication, and the drive to make a meaningful impact on people's lives. Whether it's becoming a doctor, nurse, therapist, or medical researcher, Achievers can find fulfillment in healthcare careers.

  1. Global Health Specialist
  2. Environmental Health Officer
  3. Public Health Nurse
  4. Medical Social Worker
  5. Sustainable Healthcare Consultant
  6. Telemedicine Practitioner
  7. Community Health Educator
  8. Preventative Health Practitioner
  9. Mental Health Advocate
  10. Medical Researcher

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