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Fifty Jobs of the Future for Teens who are Loyal and Responsible


For teenagers trying to identify a career path that is a good fit for them, they first need to start with knowing themselves better. This includes talents, strengths, skills, values and passions. 

When you identify and invest in talents they become strengths. When you have a career that uses your strengths, you are naturally more fulfilled, impactful and successful. 

In this series we identify 34 natural talents that teens might have, and how they might be a good fit for careers of the future.

What is the Responsibility Orientation? 

The Responsibility strength embodies a strong sense of ownership and commitment to one's actions and obligations. Individuals with the Responsibility theme take pride in fulfilling their promises and meeting their responsibilities with unwavering dedication. They value honesty, reliability, and loyalty as fundamental principles, creating a sense of trust and dependability in their interactions.

Do you, or your teenager have an Responsibility Orientation? Clues to look for. 

Teenagers who possess the Responsibility strength often exhibit specific characteristics and behaviors that indicate its presence. Here are a few signs that can help teenagers recognize the Responsibility strength within themselves.

  1. Commitment to Promises: If you consistently follow through on your commitments and take your responsibilities seriously, it may be an indicator of the Responsibility strength. You feel a deep sense of obligation to fulfill your promises and deliver on your commitments, whether they are personal, academic, or extracurricular.

  2. Reliability and Dependability: Individuals with the Responsibility strength are known for their reliability and dependability. You are the person others can count on to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and be there when needed. People trust you because they know you take your obligations seriously.

  3. Upholding Honesty and Integrity: Responsibility goes hand in hand with honesty and integrity. If you have a strong moral compass and consistently act with honesty and transparency, it demonstrates your commitment to the Responsibility strength. You value ethical behavior and prioritize doing the right thing.

  4. Loyalty and Dedication: Teenagers with the Responsibility strength often exhibit loyalty and dedication in their relationships. You are fiercely loyal to your friends, family, and commitments, and you invest time and effort in nurturing and maintaining those connections. Others rely on your unwavering support and trustworthiness.

Fifty Jobs of the Future for Teen with a Responsibility Orientation:

Here are a few potential career paths that could be rewarding for individuals with the Responsibility orientation:

Project Manager: Responsible individuals excel as project managers, overseeing and coordinating tasks, ensuring deadlines are met, and delivering successful outcomes. They take ownership of the project's success and foster a sense of responsibility within their team.

  1. Environmental Project Manager
  2. Social Impact Project Manager
  3. Renewable Energy Project Manager
  4. Sustainable Infrastructure Project Manager
  5. Conservation Project Manager
  6. Community Development Project Manager
  7. Humanitarian Aid Project Manager
  8. Sustainable Agriculture Project Manager
  9. Clean Water and Sanitation Project Manager
  1. Climate Change Adaptation Project Manager

Compliance Officer: Responsible individuals can pursue careers as compliance officers, ensuring organizations adhere to laws, regulations, and ethical standards. They take charge of ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible practices within the organization.

  1. Environmental Compliance Officer
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
  3. Ethics and Integrity Officer
  4. Fair Trade Compliance Officer
  5. Sustainable Supply Chain Compliance Officer
  6. Human Rights Compliance Officer
  7. Responsible Investment Compliance Officer
  8. Social Impact Compliance Officer
  9. Health and Safety Compliance Officer (with environmental focus)
  10. Conservation Compliance Officer

Nonprofit Program Coordinator: Responsible individuals can contribute to the nonprofit sector as program coordinators, managing and implementing initiatives that address social or environmental challenges. They ensure program goals are met, resources are utilized effectively, and stakeholders are engaged responsibly.

  1. Environmental Program Coordinator
  2. Social Services Program Coordinator
  3. Education Program Coordinator (focused on sustainable education)
  4. Health and Wellness Program Coordinator (with emphasis on disadvantaged communities)
  5. Conservation Program Coordinator
  6. Community Development Program Coordinator
  7. Humanitarian Program Coordinator
  8. Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator
  9. Renewable Energy Program Coordinator
  10. Climate Action Program Coordinator

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist: Responsible individuals can work as ethics and corporate social responsibility specialists, guiding organizations in adopting responsible and sustainable practices. They develop policies, provide ethical guidance, and ensure companies operate with integrity and social consciousness.

  1. Environmental Ethics Specialist
  2. Social Impact Strategist
  3. Responsible Investment Specialist
  4. Sustainable Business Advisor
  5. Human Rights and Social Justice Advocate
  6. Fair Trade Coordinator
  7. Ethical Sourcing Specialist
  8. Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
  9. Corporate Philanthropy Manager
  10. Sustainable Supply Chain Analyst

Sustainable Supply Chain Manager: Responsible individuals can pursue careers as sustainable supply chain managers, ensuring responsible sourcing, production, and distribution practices. They take responsibility for ethical supply chain management, including fair trade, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

  1. Environmental Supply Chain Manager
  2. Social Responsibility Supply Chain Manager
  3. Ethical Sourcing Manager
  4. Green Logistics Manager
  5. Fair Trade Supply Chain Manager
  6. Renewable Energy Supply Chain Manager
  7. Responsible Procurement Manager
  8. Circular Economy Supply Chain Manager
  9. Sustainable Packaging Manager
  10. Supply Chain Sustainability Analyst

Social Impact Consultant: Responsible individuals can become social impact consultants, helping organizations integrate responsible practices and maximize their positive impact on society.

  1. Environmental Impact Consultant
  2. Community Development Consultant
  3. Sustainable Business Consultant
  4. Social Innovation Consultant
  5. Impact Measurement and Evaluation Consultant
  6. Nonprofit Strategy Consultant
  7. Human Rights and Advocacy Consultant
  8. Sustainable Tourism Consultant
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant
  10. Social Enterprise Development Consultant

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