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Career Planning For Teenagers: Income, Hours, Location

Career Planning For Teenagers

Want to know the unspoken factors that make or break career satisfaction? Forget just job titles and company names for a second. Let's talk Money, Time, and Location—the big three that dictate not just your job, but your entire lifestyle. Are you setting yourself up for the life you actually want? Keep reading; we're getting into the nitty-gritty.


Being wealthy is an understandable goal, but remember, money is a tool, not the ultimate destination. Ever wondered why the Steve Jobs of the world kept grinding even after amassing fortunes? They could've easily retreated to a life of comfort and leisure but chose not to. Money was a vehicle for them to do more impactful work, something that brought fulfillment and purpose. Take James Cameron, who used his earnings from the blockbuster Titanic to dive into deep-sea exploration. Clearly, they found something in work that was more valuable than money.

Financial Goals

Firstly, think about your income expectations. Are you okay with a modest starting salary that you plan to grow gradually? Perhaps you're more on the adventurous side, willing to take financial leaps early in your career when you have fewer responsibilities. The flip side is looking for a stable job with a decent starting salary, even if that means smaller incremental raises over time.

Risk Tolerance

Your appetite for risk can dramatically shape your career path. If you're entrepreneurial at heart, you might be more inclined to take financial gambles in the hope they'll pay off big later on. This is generally easier to do when you don't have many financial obligations. On the other hand, if the thought of financial instability makes you uneasy, a more secure, traditional job might be up your alley.

Career Ladder

Some careers offer a clearly defined path with expected salary bumps and promotions, like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. If you're content with a stable, albeit slower, ascent, this could be the right fit. But remember, these roles often come with their own trade-offs like long working hours and higher educational demands.

A Few Questions to Consider

  1. How much income do you realistically need at different stages in your life?
  2. Are you willing to risk financial instability for potentially greater rewards?
  3. Is a steady job with incremental raises more your speed?


Jobs can be incredibly demanding, time-wise. Professions like management consulting or political advising, or even becoming a surgeon, will consume much of your waking hours. Now, if you're in a phase of life where you're okay with that, great. But if you desire more balance, consider jobs that offer flexibility. You might want to jot down what else matters to you in life, be it friends, family, hobbies, or personal development, and see how your job can accommodate these.

The number of hours you work and the flexibility you have aren't just details; they're crucial elements that will impact your quality of life. Let's dive into some things to consider:

Early Career Commitments

In many professions, the early years are a grind—you might have to put in long hours to make a name for yourself. Some people are okay with this trade-off because they see it as a short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. Is this something you're willing to do?

Family Plans

Thinking about having a family someday? You might want the option to work part-time or have flexible hours when that time comes. Some careers are more accommodating to family life, so it's worth considering this when you're planning for the future.

On-Call Considerations

Some jobs might require you to be available outside of regular working hours. Being on-call can sometimes be the cost of landing your dream job. Would you be okay with answering work calls during your personal time if it means getting the role you've always wanted?

A Few Questions to Ponder

  1. Are you willing to work long hours in the beginning to set up your career?
  2. Do you have long-term family considerations that might require you to work part-time or have a more flexible schedule?
  3. Are you willing to be on-call in exchange for the job you really want?


Choosing a job isn't just about the role itself. The location can significantly influence your quality of life and job satisfaction. For some, a corner office in a skyscraper is the dream, while others may fantasize about logging into work from a tropical island. Just like money serves as a vehicle for larger life goals, your work location can be a catalyst for achieving the lifestyle you desire.

Geographic Flexibility

Some careers, like being a radiologist, allow you to work from nearly anywhere in the world. These "location-independent" roles offer the ultimate freedom: you could be diagnosing x-rays from a cabana on a remote island, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Is this level of geographic freedom appealing to you?

Remote Work vs. Office Life

While the pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work, it's not everyone's cup of tea. Some people thrive on in-person collaboration and find beautiful office buildings inspiring. Others value the flexibility of remote work, where the commute is just a walk to the next room. Where do you stand on this spectrum?

Family and Roots

Is staying close to family non-negotiable for you? Jobs with a local focus or remote flexibility can allow you to build your career without uprooting your life. Consider whether you'd be willing to move for a job or if you prefer to remain where your roots are.

Travel Opportunities

If wanderlust runs in your veins, look for roles that require travel, be it for client meetings, conferences, or on-the-ground research. You could satisfy your travel itch while climbing the career ladder.

A Few Questions to Consider

  1. Would you be willing to relocate for a job, or is staying close to home a priority?
  2. How important is the option of remote work to you?
  3. Are you interested in roles that require travel or even international relocation?
  4. Would you consider a job that lets you work from anywhere in the world?

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