$950.00 AUD


The 10 STEP Careers That Matter Mentorship Program Will Help You to:

  1.  Explore Your Unique Potential to Discover Your Greatest Talents, Values, and Passions: 
  2.  Match those to Future-proof Career Choices That Will Fulfill you emotionally and Maximize Your Impact on the World: 
  3.  Isolate The Core Skillset That Will Pay You Dividends for the Rest of Your Life: 
  4.  Select Pivot Careers So You Have the Freedom to Choose the Best Options Boldly: 
  5.  Establish a “Fall Back” Option Just Incase Things Don’t Proceed Perfectly: 
  6.  Help You Create a Step-by-Step Plan to Get From Where You Are Now to Where You Need to be:


What you'll get:

  • FOUR x 1:1 Live Online Career Coaching sessions with Larissa 
  • Extensive Psychometric testing
  • Self Paced Activities to do before an after the coaching session to make the most of our time together
  • A clear statement of your talents, values, and passions on which to base your career choices  
  • 10 Personalised Career Ideas To Explore
  • A personalised plan to test career ideas before committing to any
  •  1-3 Sets of Career options, with a clear plan on how to choose between them.  Each set includes a Plan A career, a Plan B career and a fallback option. 
  • A personalised set of career opportunities to build your career capital toward your dream career.